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When 6 of your closest friends cross state lines to celebrate you.. you know it's going to be one for the books. Short stories caught on digital and film. Holed up in a gorgeous bnb off Belmont, a lively residential neighborhood in the SW borders of Portland, OR, we stocked our fridge and poured our drinks. Fell into an arcade with 5c cent game (D&B's who??)and finally found suitable tacos at Los Panuelos. Rounded up the last airport pickup and to McMinnimens no less. Fully recommend going to their outdoor soaking pools, they have multiple bars so you can drink comfortable in there. That night, what was supposed to be a themed dinner resulted in a boozy pajama party and it couldn't have been more perfect. Another year closer to 30 and we find ourselves still playing college drinking games ala kings cup, flip cup, never have I ever, and jenga. The rest of the night is under NDA agreements xo The next morning we amazingly woke up to get some culture in is at the Portland Art museum... instead we had the giggles the entire time.

Birthday dinner was held at Afuri ramen. I had the hazelnut broth vegan ramen and their vodka cocktails were to die. Stumbled into creepys where I snagged the bartenders number like the hot birthday girl I am xo

Blasted EMO tunes and rang in midnight with swedish haus mafia b2b deadmau5. We love a curated moment!

Then I ran around in my Leak bodysuit until 5 am (shoutout to the 4 gays that dressed me butt naked in it) 

Bars: Creepys, Ravens Manor, Mcminniems, Voysey, CC's, Silverados

Restaurants: Afuri, Los Panuelos, Twigs, Spicy Pie, Dirty Lettuce

All in all, this was my best birthday to date and i am immensely grateful and in love with all my friends.


All photos captured by Zack

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