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Location: San Diego

Models: Zesty & Tara Miremadi

Photographer: Valerie Lendvay

One of the most beautifully shot & located shoot I was able to direct. Proof is in the photos on how symbiotic this day was. We did three looks. This is the final look.

Breathtaking every single time I revisit. By this time so much love and creativity will all around us. We shot these just before the sun set and we all stood in silence marveling at the beauty knowing we knocked this out. By switching up stereotypical norms of "women wearing less clothes" and "man being in deeper colors" they had the oppurtunity to exude their own natural strengths and characteristics that make them beautifully unique. Also, Tara wearing a black veil was taking the idea of purity and flipping it on its head. As a women, our value has historically been attached to needing to be "clean". Zesty wearing softer chiffon textiles pushing against the notion that men should be a certain way, instead of how they want to lead.

Edited & Shot by Valerie Lendvay.

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