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sad hours playlist

Living up in PNW, the weather is actually quite beautiful but melancholic. No stranger to sad girl tunes.. I figured I'd compile a playlist that captures that gloomy feeling during warm blankets while watching the snow outside, 2 am solo drives, and the nights you fall asleep to a thunder storm.

Enjoy xo

pictures of you - the cure

Robert Smith watches his home burn to which he loses all photos of his wife and he copes by creating easily one of the best songs to exist. No insurance companies, just vibes.

Extra sting when you remember it was 1986 and the only photo memories were hard copies. Nothing can touch the sentiment of this song while in the digital era.

can’t do without you - caribou (tale of us & mano le tough remix)

remix royalty.

505 - arctic monkeys

Alex Turner, send tweet. This and a night cruise on a empty freeway on the coast. In the 80's cause why not.

fake plastic trees - radiohead

It’s 93’ you’re walking downtown, late at night… it’s fall/winter. The city boutiques are lit up with xmas lights. Cell phones aren't glued to our hands and the world runs on serendipity.

that's what you get - paramore

let it out honey.

no me queda mas - selena

Unrequited love just sounds beautiful in spanish.

misty blue - dorothy moore

I'm absolutely in a dark bar, Dorothy singing on stage.. I'm ordering a whiskey.

the wind cries mary - jimi hendrix

He's an icon, he's a legend, he is always the moment.

void - lil nas x

The orchestral production is the perfect example of “contagion mechanism”.

love/paranoia - tame impala

We’ve collectively agreed that Currents is the heartbreak to healing pipeline album right?

hold me now - thompson twins

...........STAY WITH MEEEE

i have nothing - whitney houston

This is the audio version of a family jewel.. we will pass this shit down forever.

avril 14th - aphex twin

Nothing can touch Whitney.. let's cleanse the palette. *disassociates while looking out the window*

amor eterno - rocio durcal

Love can be painful..of course we're going to Mariachi about it.

black beauty - lana del rey

This is an Ultraviolence stan account. Watch this space.

not in love -crystal castles

Did someone say tumblr revival?

out of time - the weeknd

I mean, I could add his discography if we're being honest.. But here's DAWN FM.

undiscovered - ashlee simpson.

Yes, I went there!

the boy who blocked his own shot - brand new

Let's pretend Jesse isn't a pile of garbage and just remember how gut wrenchingly sad this post break up apology song is.

all cats are grey - the cure

and now, the perfect outro.

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