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spinning kimye's divorce into balenciaga promo

I'm not necessarily one to "keep up" with the Kardashian klan, but I can't help but be fascinated on the conceptual business strategies they've modeled their family on all these years. The way every single post, collaboration, and many speculate their relationships as well, are all steps from PR to maintain the power they currently hold. Media aside.. they have a heavy hold on their narrative.. or they at least hire Kris to put out their constant dumpster fires.

Kim and Kanye's divorce is no different since the entire world is constantly watching their every move. Obviously with business models it doesn't always take mental health or personal actions into consideration since Kanye will always step in his way;

But, with Kim dating Pete Davidson (her very own Travis Barker & MGK)its clear it was going to spark controversy and gain major attention as a PR stunt. The public was quick to say this was to distract from Astroworld, while that's possible.. I think it has multiple reasons to exist. After Kanye's denied pleas for Kim back.. of course he was going to bag "Uncut Gems", Julia Fox. Now, I'm not going to go in on whether these relationships are real or not, that's another topic that is possibly worth a deep dive. It's really not hard to believe they enjoy each others company, they are all in the same circle of celebrity and chemistry does naturally happen. Do I believe they are taking control and reworking the narrative to not be a typical "he won" "she won" post break-up? Absolutely.

They have all been seen in head to toe Balanciaga for months. After Julia and Kanye's now infamous photoshoot-date hybrid, she had a brand new rack Balanciaga clothing. Julia and Kim were even seen wearing the same pant-boot days apart. These are people who don't wear the same thing twice let alone wear what others are wearing. The general public gets the model hand downs weeks to months later a la Fashion Nova and other corrupt fast fashion brands. Julia has made a name for herself and her past is actually quite fascinating.. but how did she get those pieces so quickly if Kim is the forefront of connections? Kanye x Balanciaga x GAP are currently in collaboration which was announced months ago. This is from the man that created insane YEEZY campaigns, who rented out STAPLES stadium, and who used his car crash to write Through the Wire. Nothing is on accident with this man. If true, it's so smart to create a unifying presence for their kids and future. It's similar to us normies divorcing and adapting to co-parenting in whatever way works.. they just happen to have the means to turn it into gold and have a spotlight on them. It not only gets people talking and Balenciaga gaining promo everyday... it maintains their unshakable foundation in the public face.

It's conceptual, it's art, It's theatre and we're talking about it.

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